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Mascot: Vikings

Location: Pleasant GroveDate of graduation: May 26

Theme of graduation: "To strive, to seek, to find." - Tennyson

Number of graduates: 430

Senior officers: Matt Marchbanks, Chelsie Cornell, Mindy Gerun

Student body officers: Josh Martin, Mindy Olsen, Kristie Shoell, Mike McMurtery, Julie Farr, Jamie Edwards, Mandi William son, Mike Howard, Kelli Goodwin

Valedictorian, salutatorian:

Valedictorian, Dawn Roan; speakers Wynn Wilkes, Ian Thomson, Julianne Draper

Greatest class accomplishment:

4A state football champs, 4A state wrestling champs, ballroom region champs

What makes this class unique?

"Everyone gets along, there are no real cliques. We're always ready to have fun and be involved." - Chelsie Cornell

How will you improve the world?

"We have a lot of people with good morals and outlooks on life. I be lieve that each person will help in the world whether it be through their personality or talents." - Matt Marchbank

What will your children find funny about their parents? "The same stuff we find funny about our parents." - Chelsie Cornell