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Mascot: Bulldogs

Location: ProvoDate of graduation: May 25

Theme of graduation: "It is not the critic who counts. . ." - Theodore Roosevelt

Number of graduates: 404

Senior officers: Peter Lindway, president; Nate Lundquiat, vice president; Melinda Webb, secretary

Student body officers: Presidents, Katy B. Knight, Mike P. Liechty, Holli Hamilton; Kerry L. Kinateder, secretary; vice presidents, Russell Beck, Jodie Glenn, Sam Spear, Rick Jepson

Student speakers: Adam S. Frost, Tannin J. Fuja, Cameron D. Anderson, and Philip M. Nelson

Greatest class accomplishment: "Many of these kids have excelled academically." - Rosanna Ungerman, principal

What makes this class unique? They have had three different schedules, three different attendance policies, four head football coaches and four administrators." - Todd Smith, adviser

How will you improve the world? This class will help save the rain forests, be tomorrow's leaders and give more service. - Smith

What will your children find funny about their parents? Grunge music; buzz and brush hairdos.