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Mascot: Eagles

Location: Salt Lake CityDate of graduation: June 3

Theme of graduation: Together as One.

Number of graduates: 595

Senior officers: Erica Oswald, president; Shannon Gardner, vice president; Emily Tuft, secretary.

Student body officers: Jess Dalton, president; Spencer Wixom, vice president; Tom Conde, secretary; Allison English, historian; Saundie Leverich, Michelle Wysan, Ryan Thompson

Student speakers: Cory McCann, Tim Conde, Adina Loeb, Rachel Baar, Benji McMurray, Amy Block.

Greatest class accomplishment: Outstanding year in athletics and debate.

What makes this class unique? "They have just swept all the awards possible. We have 20 finalists in the National Merit Scholar program. It's an amazing class and the scholarships and awards are incredible." - Becky Talbot, school staff

How will you improve the world? "We have such a smart senior class and I think we'll be able to show the world what we're made out of." - Erica Oswald.

What will your children find funny about their parents? "I hope they'll look at us and want to be just like us." - Oswald.