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Mascot: Lions

Location: PaysonDate of graduation: May 24

Theme of graduation: The Road Not Taken

Number of graduates: 321

Senior officers: President, Derek Schaerrer; vice president, Scott Moody; secretary, Sonja Hansen; representative, Amber Brown

Student speakers: Nathan Jorgensen, Michael R. Ashton, Michael Petersen

Greatest class accomplishment: "I think it just lies in the future and what we can give back to the school." - Ashton

What makes this class unique? "I think our class works together really well. Everyone's pretty much friends." - Schaerrer

How will you improve the world? "We have a lot of people with leadership abilities." - Petersen; "Our class is really smart. It has one of the higher grade point averages the school's had in a long time." - Schaerrer