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Mascot: Jaguars

Location: West JordanDate of graduation: June 2

Theme of graduation: "Life . . . A Reflection of Our Dreams"

Number of graduates: 640

Senior officers: April Sullivan, president; Tiffanie Evans, vice president; Haylie Morris, secretary; Tiffany Madsen, historian

Student body officers: Andy May, president; Robert Taylor, vice president; Forest Seaman, secretary; Mindi McNeil, historian; Heidi Oliver; Dee Sananikone; Stacy Goldman; Kimberly Seal; and Jennifer Bojak.

Valedictorian, salutatorian: Valedictorian, Gus Kesalopolus; salutatorian, Michelle Korth; student speakers, Kelli Serano, Dee Sananikone, James Findley and Andrea Hubbard.

Greatest class accomplishment: Hard workers, dedication to tasks and school spirit. Seniors collected more food than other classes for needy individuals and families and joined other classes in collecting several thousand dollars in sub for Santa project.

What makes this class unique? "Their commitment to make a positive difference in the world and confidence that they can be successful." - Clyde Mason, assistant principal.

How will you improve the world? "We feel technology is important and plan to use it as we continue our education after high school." - Haylie Morris

What will your children find funny about their parents? "The way we dress, our music, hairstyles and stuff we do for fun." - Tiffany Madsen.