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Government action

Davis Energy RecoveryDistrictIn its June meeting, the governing board:

- Approved an increase in the base tipping fee for garbage trucks at the burn plant from $59 to $62 a ton, effective July 1. Other dumping fees include: $7 for a pickup load for private citizens; $18 a ton for demolition and construction debris; and $400 a ton for asbestos.

- Held a public hearing and made amendments in the 1993-94 budget to reflect the increased revenues and accompanying labor costs. The original budget for this year was raised from $8.4 million to $8.8 million. Steam sales to Hill Air Force Base are at all all time high, and revenues increased 17.4 percent more than expected.

- Held a public hearing and approved the budget for the 1994-95 fiscal year. This budget includes $7.2 million in operating expenses and a total budget of $10.5 million. The budget includes $2.1 million in capital improvements, including $750,000 to install a metals recovery system at the burn plant.

- Announced that the burn plant has discontinued its general salvage contract at the landfill. Its recycling program at the citizen facility will continue and the metals recovery operation at the burn plant should be running in about one year.

- Announced there will no longer be free dumping at future spring and fall city cleanups. Citizens will be charged $5 a load during cleanups, and cities will pay half the normal tipping fee.

- Received a plant operations report for May. The burn plant operated 94.5 percent of the time and received 10,144 tons of garbage.

- Set the next meeting for Wednesday, July 6, 5 p.m., in the County Commission Chambers, Farmington courthouse.