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Mascot: Wildcats

Location: Woods CrossDate of graduation: June 2

Theme of graduation: Making it happen . . . right now.

Number of graduates: 430

Senior officers: Kuuiponani Naluai, president; Emily Kilgore, vice president; Merica Cleverly, secretary

Student body officers: Peter A. Carr, president

Salutatorian: Lanese Beecher

Greatest class accomplishment: Organized a petition of support for Brian Seamons, hazing victim at Skyview High School in Logan. Found other "small ways" to help fellow class members.

What makes this class unique? Eagerness of members to make their marks in life.

How will you improve the world? "Everybody has their own ideas; our diversity will serve the community well." - Emily Kilgore

What will your children find funny about their parents? "They'll wonder if we're ever going to grow up." - Kilgore