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I have been astounded to see that according to the national sports media, the two teams our beloved Utah Jazz defeated in the playoffs have more respect than we do. I was not happy when players from our three playoff opponents bashed my state.

Not to give too much credence to what they said, but perhaps a few problems were pointed out. Here are some possible solutions.1. Revive our culture. We have a beautiful downtown in Salt Lake City. We should spend more time (money) there and enjoy it. There should be a lot more than just three street vendors. We have a great symphony that nobody is going to see.

2. Tom Barbari is right, the liquor laws don't make sense. Put away the fear and do the right thing.

3. Change the name of our beloved NBA team. I know it bucks tradition, but I think it is time.

Here are a few I thought of: Mountain Men, Mountaineers, Trappers, Golden Eagles (that one is available now), Bad Drivers (the state is notorious for that), Mountain Lions, Skiers, Ski Poles, Ski Jumpers, Moguls, Alpiners, Blizzards, Lake Effect, Tornados, Wind Storms. My personal favorite is Salt Lake Peaks.

Douglas Cox