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There are now dozens of different health-care plans that are being proposed. Although these various health-care plans show there is a problem, they seem to be missing one of the important factors.

Why is it that about 97 percent of the legislation proposes to preserve the insurance industry as it is? The approximately 3 percent that do threaten this industry are not even being seriously considered. Like the tobacco and other powerful industries, insurance agencies are among the "untouchables." We can cut the physicians' salaries; we can regulate treatment cost; we can charge small businesses and self-employed people higher taxes, but we can't touch the mammoth insurance companies.It is frustrating to see these plush, high-rise insurance companies with billions of net income. The money we pay for health care should go for health care and not for lining the pockets of the insurance companies.

I'd be happy to pay for health care if I knew the money would pay for health care and not for all these plush offices and Caribbean cruises for insurance company executives.

Gary T. Horlacher

Salt Lake City