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A windfall by most standards, an anticipated 17 percent increase in City Hall revenues for the approaching fiscal year won't be enough to do what Mayor Elaine Redd says needs to be done.

"We're growing so rapidly and our commercial and retail is just not keeping up with residential," said Redd. "As everyone knows, residential development doesn't pay its way . . . I'm concerned about roads, schools, police."Our fire engine is absolutely obsolete."

The new money - enough to increase the budget by almost $400,000 to $2.74 million next year - comes mostly from a $1,200 impact fee the city this year started collecting on every new house that goes up in Draper.

The proceeds are supposed to go almost exclusively for roads and fire protection.

The once-sleepy farm town almost overnight has become a bedroom community for cities to the north and is destined to grow even more. Developers last year announced plans for two vast new subdivisions that could double the population of the 7,500-resident city by the late 1990s.

Traffic is chief among Redd's worries.

"It's just becoming a problem of the magnitude I never thought we'd see in Draper."

The fiscal 1994-95 budget reflects the concern, with an increase of about one-third in spending for public works. Draper in the coming year will put about $400,000 into the department, erecting stoplights and resurfacing some major streets.

New semaphores will go up on 12300 South at 300 East and 900 East, and major portions of 1300 East and Minuteman Drive are scheduled for improvements.

Police expansions are also planned. Draper, which contracts with the Salt Lake County sheriff's office, will add a daily eight-hour police shift at an annual cost of about $120,000. The fire department's budget also will increase by a third, to $188,000.

A full-time engineer and a full-time code-enforcement officer will put on the city's payroll. More hours will be added to crossing-guard services and animal control. Parks, traffic court and administration will see slight budget increases.


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General funds: $2,743,003


General funds: $2,349,098

Where it comes from:

Property tax: $230,000

Last year: $220,028

Sales tax: $800,000

Last year: $769,500

Other taxes: $349, 500

Last year: $317,422

Licenses and permits: $603,550

Last year: $305,800

Intergovern. transfers: $160,100

Last year: $220,582

Charges for services: $ 1,170

Last year: $ 0

Fines & Forfeitures: $80,000

Last year: $80,000

Miscellaneous: $112,632

Last year: $108,610

Contrib. from fund balance: $406,051

Last year: $299,754

Contrib. from flood control: $ 0

Last year: $27,402

Where it goes:

City manager: $109,662

Last year: $ 94,580

Law enforcement services: $421,087

Last year: $299,148

Community development: $144,552

Last year: $181,861

Public works: $394,178

Last year: $298,328

Parks department: $ 42,820

Last year: $ 37,391

Draper Days celebration: $ 42,050

Last year: $ 34,740

Transfers: $261,607

Last year: $415,123

Tax/fee increases:

$1,200 impact fee on every new house