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The children of O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson may be the biggest - and smallest - victims of all.

On June 12, their mother was killed, allegedly by their father. By Friday night, Simpson was in prison and the children were practically fatherless, too.Sydney Simpson, 9, and her 6-year-old brother, Justin, spent Father's Day with their mother's family, shielded from news reports. O.J. Simpson spent Sunday in jail.

"I spoke with O.J. this morning and he wished me a happy Father's Day and asked me to spend the morning with my two boys," Simpson's lawyer, Robert Shapiro, said. "And then he started to cry and said, `I wish I could spend Father's Day with my children.' "

At the time of the killings, Sydney and Justin were asleep in their home. Nicole Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman, were stabbed just outside on the front walk.

"I can't think of anything more terrifying than to go to sleep and then you're awakened by someone who says your mother is dead," said Dr. Julius Griffin, a child psychiatrist.

The children attended Nicole Simpson's funeral Thursday alongside their father, who held their hands and bent down to kiss them tenderly. The family has tried to let the children grieve in private.

"We haven't had the TV on - we don't want the children watching it - and I haven't seen a newspaper in days," said Nicole's oldest sister, Denise Brown.

She said Sunday that the children are staying at the home of Nicole Simpson's parents in Orange County and have met with a priest. They've been to the beach and went out on a boat Saturday.

The Rev. Bruce Lavery, the family's priest, said Sydney and Justin "have a bit of a journey to make, but I suspect they'll be OK."

"The children understand their mother is gone, but they're holding up well," Brown said. "We're a really close family, and there's a lot of support here."