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Parents as well as teachers can receive some fresh ideas about teaching their children and students at the 1994 Education Workshops conducted at Brigham Young University throughout the summer.

For a complete list of classes, schedules, registration information and other general information, phone 378-4903 or 378-2568; mail a request to 348 Harman Building, Provo, UT 84602; or pick up a workshop catalog in 348 Harman Building (adjacent to the BYU Conference Center) between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.Cost for the workshops, which range in length from two to six days, is $112 per credit hour or $97 for non-credit. Extra fees may also be added to some classes for materials and texts. Eligible BYU employees and their spouses may be able to attend the workshops free but must first contact the BYU Benefits Office at 378-4716.

The workshops offered each week in July include:

- July 1-2: "Whole Language: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice"; "Classroom Recreation for Teachers."

- July 5-9: "Creative Thinking and Imagination"; "Storytelling - The Art and Practice."

- July 8-9: "Project/Resource Management and Effective Leadership."

- July 11-15: "Creating an Integrated, Single-Theme Classroom"; "An Alternate to Ability Grouping for Reading Instruction"; "Sports Medicine One: Lower-Extremity Injuries"; "Essential Elements of Instruction."

- July 11-16: "Discovering Cultural Diversity through Folk Music and Dance."

- July 12-13: "Fascinating Facts and Fabulous Fiction: Books for Young Readers."

- July 14-16: "Storytelling from the Inside Out."

- July 15-16: "Alternative to Traditional Reading Instruction"; "Improving Classroom Discipline."

- July 18-21: "Bring New Life to Your Teaching."

- July 18-22: "Testing Made Useful and Simple (Almost)"; "Strategies for Improving Students' Reading Comprehension"; "An Alternative to Ability Grouping for Reading Instruction"; "English as a Second Language"; "Sports Medicine Two: Upper-Extremity Injuries."

- July 26-29: "Whole Language: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice."

- July 26-30: "More Conference, Less Confrontation"; "Using Multiple Intelligence Theory to Increase Learning."

- July 29-30: "The Art of Effective Communication and Instruction"; "Usage, Grammar, and Dialect."