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Civic worker-business experience vs. rancher-farmer. Incumbent vs. newcomer. Woman vs. man.

That sums up the differences between Millard County's two Republican commission candidates as they square off for the primary election. But on many issues, they seem to see eye to eye.Lana Moon, the incumbent, wants to "protect" grazing interests, miners and other users of public lands from extreme environmentalists. In a similar vein, John S. Nielson, the newcomer, wants to keep the public lands under the multiple-use concept.

Both advocate conservative county government. Both say they have a devotion to and keen interest in rural Utah. Both want to ease the financial burden on taxpayers. Both want to see the future bright for Millard County.

And when the primary election is over for County Commission Seat A, the winner will face Evan L. Maxfield, a Democrat who is unopposed in the primary.

A second seat on the commission will be up for grabs during the general election when Democrat James J. DeWyze and Republican John B. Henrie vie for Seat B. One will replace Commissioner Frank Baker.

All of the commission candidates live in western Millard County, Nielson in Leamington and the others in Delta.

Millard County's election is always somewhat unusual. While residents of the entire county vote for all commission seats, it's been traditional that two be elected from the west Millard area and one from the eastern sector of the county. That's why this year's candidates are all from west Millard. On the next election, candidates will be from east Millard, vying for the seat held by Tony Dearden of Fillmore.

Competition is nil for the primary election in other county offices, but there will be two contests in the general election. Incumbent Marlene Whicker, a Democrat, will oppose Republican Marlene Cummings for clerk, while Linda S. Carter, Republican incumbent, will be opposed by Democrat Annette Johnson.

Both Republican and Democratic candidates are running unopposed for some offices. They are LeRay G. Jackson, Republican, attorney; Jim Talbot, a Democrat, assessor; John L. Hansen, Republican, auditor; Edgar L. Phillips, Democrat, sheriff; and Mary D. Day, Republican, treasurer.

Lana Moon said, "I now have four years experience serving as county commissioner, and I feel I can be more effective in a second term. Because this is my only job, I am able and will spend the time necessary to keep abreast of the issues and make certain that the interests of Millard County are protected and that we have a voice in the critical issues that affect us."

To that end, she believes in working closely with other local, state and national elected officials. "I am actively pursuing the critical issues by serving on local boards, state boards and two national boards."

Moon emphasizes moderation in dealing with environmental issues as a "must" in promoting economic growth. "Advocates of extreme measures only serve to create additional expense and burden upon the taxpaying community."

John S. Nielson said, "Let's put a conservative, effective commissioner to work. The citizens of Millard County need good, strong candidates for positions in county government."

Nielson's platform also supports efficient county government, a good working relationship with county employees, multiple use on federal lands, a strong tax base, pulling out of the Central Utah Project, and good, clean economic development for the future of the county's children.

"People need a change in county government," he said. "We need a conservative, efficient County Commission with a strong education that will hear the people."