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Around the world

BOSNIA: Skirmishes persisted across Bosnia Tuesday as U.N. officials tried to bring Serbs and government officials together as a step toward ending the conflict. Bosnian radio reported that Serbs fired anti-aircraft rounds into the besieged eastern town of Gorazde early Tuesday, and used artillery against villages around Zavidovici and Tesanj in north-central Bosnia. The U.N. reported increased cease-fire violations around Sarajevo.

NO CHOICE: Cambodia says it has no choice but to continue fighting the Khmer Rouge because the guerrilla group is unwilling to negotiate for peace. In a letter seen Tuesday by reporters, Co-premier Hun Sen told King Norodom Sihanouk that the "government has no choice" but to fight. In two rounds of peace talks in the past month, the guerrilla group, which controls as much as 20 percent of Cambodia, has rejected government offers for an immediate truce.

Across the nation

SMUGGLER: The captain of a freighter that carried about 300 undocumented Chinese refugees to San Francisco last year was sentenced to 21/2 years in federal prison. Chun Teh Chong, 39, a native of Taiwan, has been in jail since May 1993, when he and the crew of the Pai Sheng were overtaken at sea by Coast Guard vessels. Authorities said the 300-foot, Honduran-registered freighter fled under the Golden Gate Bridge after dropping off its cargo of refugees at the Presidio. The Chinese paid up to $30,000 each for the two-month voyage, said U.S. Attorney Michael Yamaguchi.

SETTLED: The school board in Hamden, Conn., is getting rid of a superintendent who was arrested for drunken driving while wearing women's clothing. The board voted Monday to pay David W. Shaw about $243,000 in exchange for his resignation at the end of the upcoming school year. Shaw agreed to drop the lawsuits and complaints he filed against the board and the town. Shaw, 48, was arrested March 4. He pleaded guilty to drunken driving, was fined $500 and had his license suspended for a year. Shaw has been superintendent in the town of 52,000 since 1987. He took a leave of absence four years ago for treatment of stress and alcoholism.