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On June 4, the remains of a young child were buried in City Cemetery in Salt Lake City. This little child died of natural causes, but nonetheless the tragedy was felt by his family and friends of the family.

While there at the grave site, with our attention riveted on the feelings of the family, our automobiles were cased and one was ransacked. Checkbooks, identifications, cash, family keepsakes, keys, etc., were taken from the car.Were guns responsible for this? Would 10, 100 or even 1,000 more Salt Lake City police have stopped this senseless crime? Hardly. Where were the morals of the individual who would compound the events of the day with such a crime on grieving family and friends?

There was one person who could have stopped it. That was the person who committed the crime. Immorality is more than promiscuous sex. It is cowardice and being a sissy to face life as a man or woman. It is being a sneak thief who is too afraid to face his victim.

The issues of crime control don't begin with guns. They begin with each person. They begin with honoring commitments, whether written or spoken. They begin with dealing fairly and honestly with each other. They begin at home. They are the fair and honorable commitment of spouses to each other. They are the loyalty and respect of children to parents. They are the honesty lacking in our society today when dealing with fellow men.

Grant R. Fry