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A main focus of the city's $20.6 million budget is meeting the demands that growth has placed on the infrastructure.

"We have to keep up the infrastructure or the quality of life deteriorates," Layton Director of Finance Steven M. Ashby said of the fiscal year 1995 budget, which is nearly $2 million larger than last year's.The Layton City Council adopted the budget Thursday night and set a certified tax rate that is lower than last year's.

Of the $20.6 million budget, $4.2 million is devoted to capital improvements, particularly streets and water lines, Ashby said. The amount of money toward capital improvements is about $1.6 million more than was budgeted last year.

Water fees will increase for the residents of Layton, with the base rate going from $6 a month to $7.20. Overage fees will increase from 59 cents a gallon to 72 cents a gallon.

Some residents at the meeting questioned the increases, saying such fees may end up subsidizing developers who need new water lines. But Ashby said the fees reflect "increased costs of operating the system we currently have." The impact fees developers pay cover costs of new lines, he added.

The budget also accounts for the addition of six new full-time positions and the reclassification of four positions from part-time to full-time. An economic development specialist, two detectives, two patrol officers and one sewer maintenance worker are new full-time positions. Two maintenance specialists and two dispatchers are being moved from part to full time.


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All funds:

1994-95 $20,600,000

1993-94 $18,800,000

General fund:

1994-95 $9,300,000

1993-94 $8,600,000

Where it comes from:

Property tax: $2,600,000

Last year: 2,500,000

Sales tax: 5,200,000

Last year: 4,900,000

Franchise tax: 1,100,000

Last year: 1,100,000

Licenses/permits: 600,000

Last year: 615,000

Where it goes:

Police: $3,300,000

Last year: 3,270,000

Streets: 1,000,000

Last year: 969,000

Fire: 1,200,000

Last year: 1,100,000

Administration: 865,000

Last year: 844,000

Parks: 1,830,000

Last year: 1,780,000

Tax/fee increases:

Culinary water rates will rise

$1.20 per month to $7.20.

Overage fees will increase from 59 cents to 72 cents a gallon.