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O.J. Simpson returned to court Wednesday, appearing more alert and telling deputies, "I'll do anything to stay out of that cell."

The defense was in court seeking access to all evidence authorities have against the former football star in the slayings of his former wife and her male friend.Among the evidence sought was a bloody ski mask that the prosecution said Wednesday doesn't exist.

Defense attorney Robert Shapiro also asked that jail authorities give Simpson a special pillow because of old football injuries.

Municipal Court Judge Patti Jo McKay took lawyers into private talks in chambers. Deputies asked whether Simpson wanted to leave or remain in the courtroom.

"I'll do anything to stay out of that cell," Simpson told the deputies. "I'll sit here and read," but they took him out of the courtroom.

The hearing soon resumed, with the prosecution saying the evidence reports were still being compiled and weren't available. The defense asked they be allowed to see clothing held by the coroner's office and autopsy photographs.

Shapiro mentioned news reports that investigators had a bloody ski mask. He asked to see it. "There is no ski mask," prosecutor Marcia Clark said.

The judge denied a defense request that the names of jail visitors be sealed.

Prosecutors, meanwhile, were seeking a grand jury indictment of the football legend, sources told The Associated Press. That would allow the case to go directly to Superior Court for trial setting without going through a preliminary hearing of evidence and witnesses in Municipal Court.

Members of the grand jury began gathering Wednesday morning at the Criminal Courts building to hear more testimony. Two detectives involved in the case also went in with the jury.

At his arraignment Monday, Simpson appeared haggard and morose. Simpson, who is under a suicide watch, wore a dark suit and white shirt Wednesday, still without a tie. Simpson, being held without bail, has pleaded not guilty.

His mental state was improving, Shapiro said before Wednesday's hearing.

"He's feeling a little bit better. His mood is improving," said Shapiro.

Simpson's alibi for the night of the killings has come under question, and new details of the Simpsons' stormy relationship are emerging.

The caretaker at Simpson's estate, Kayto Kaelin, contradicted Simpson's claim that he was at home waiting for a limousine to take him to the airport around the time of the killings, NBC News reported.

Also, a woman said she saw an enraged Simpson speed through streets a few blocks from Nicole Simpson's condominium, where she and Ronald Goldman were slain June 12. Simpson yelled at a driver in his way, the unidentified woman told the TV news magazine "Hard Copy."

"He was just screaming out and freaking out at the guy," she said.

A friend said Nicole Simpson stopped dating in the month before her slaying because she feared somebody was stalking her.