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I am alarmed at the levels of hypocrisy visible in the Republican Party so near to election day. Republicans have the nerve to attack President Clinton with vicious persistence asserting that his character is "below" theirs. Seemingly, they without sin are casting the first stones.

The Radical Right claims to embody religious values. I have never seen such mean-spirited, ruthless people in my life. They spread the lie that the Health Security Act requires government owned and operated insurance; they preach integrity and exploit religious values to further a political agenda.Sen. Robert Dole accuses the president of "vacillating" on issues. Two weeks ago he denounced Oliver North as "unfit" to be a member of the Senate. Today he endorses North, fearful that distancing himself from North's candidacy might jeopardize his own '96 presidential campaign.

Our own Sen. Hatch supports North because "he was rightfully chosen" by the Virginia Republicans, even though he is a convicted liar. In addition to a "political compass that points North," Hatch faces election in a state where 18 years ago he unseated Senator Frank Moss with the same argument that Democrats attempt to oust him with. He claimed that "18 years is too long for any man to serve in government" and that such a long tenure of office "makes one too comfortable in the beltway" removed from the eyes of constituents. He has become the very negative description that he ran against years ago.

Rep. Jim Hansen has asked for re-election but cannot seem to remember that upon being asked, "What do you call a congressman who has served five terms?" his reply sounded much like, "You call him home." Elect the congressman again, and he wears out his welcome for a seventh term.

Perhaps Clinton isn't quite as two-faced as those trying to discredit him.

Michael A. Thomas

Salt Lake City