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The themes of experience and commitment are being highlighted in the Republican campaigns for Salt Lake County surveyor.

Citing his education, experience and membership in numerous professional societies, J. Michael DeMass is telling voters he has the qualifications to prepare the surveyor's office for the 21st century.In his campaign, Vaughn E. Butler points to his 30 years of experience in land surveying and management as well as his involvement in civic activities. Butler said he not only has more experience than his opponent but the kind of experience that's required of a county surveyor.

A registered land surveyor, DeMass said he is better qualified to handle the rapidly changing technology in the surveyor's office, particularly the complex property mapping information systems.

Both candidates stress a commitment to be full-time surveyors and not run a private surveying business on the side. And they both say Republican values will give taxpayers more for their money.

Butler, a right-of-way specialist for Horrocks-Carollo Engineers, has directed a number of major surveying jobs, including the Kennecott modernization, Tooele Army Depot chemical demilitarization project, West Desert pumping project and Hill Air Force Base fuel storage project.

Educated at Utah Technical College and the University of Utah, Butler worked as a senior party chief in the county surveyor's office for 12 years. He has been active in community recreation programs and Scouting and teaches hunter safety education for the Division of Wildlife Services.

DeMass, president of Applied Land Surveying Consultants, is Utah governor of the National Society of Professional Surveyors. He is also a director of the Western Federation of Land Surveyors and past president of the Utah Council of Land Surveyors.

Also active in the community, DeMass is a member of the West Jordan Master Plan Committee.

DeMass said his goal is to make the surveyor's office more effective and efficient, provide public access to public information, progressively implement the land and geographic information systems in Salt Lake County and "reinstate Republican values" in the management of the office.

Butler said he proposes to finalize and publish the State Plane Coordinate System for Salt Lake County, coordinate efforts to protect survey monuments, develop a standardized map for all county departments and manage the office with honesty and integrity.

At the Republican convention, Butler garnered 60 percent of the vote to DeMass' 40 percent. The winner of the primary will face Democratic incumbent M. Carl Larsen.