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As a former candidate for Senate District 9, I think it is important for all voters in that district to be aware of the following.

The incumbent senator has continually made the claim that she is the supporter of youth. When Steve Poulton and I tied at the Republican convention, it was resolved by the toss of a coin as described in the Deseret News. A number of youth showed up at that event, but because they were wearing T-shirts and carrying placards supportive of Steve Poulton, the incumbent objected to their presence. It is so great to have our youth involved in politics, but they were very discouraged by her narrow-minded resentment of any support for anyone else.The incumbent has been our senator for the past four years. During that time she has not raised one objection to the terribly discriminatory property tax in her Senate area of Holladay but has now made it a topic of discussion at election time. Poor performance.

She claims that she is full time yet she missed 100 votes out of 757. We would be far better off with a working senator who knows business and will not miss crucial votes. How many of us could keep our jobs if we only showed up seven out of eight work days?

She has ignored law enforcement and curfew regulations and caused problems for the sheriff's office with her misguided attempts to solve youth problems. We need a senator who will work with law enforcement, not against them.

I believe I have worked as hard as anyone to reduce smoking and environmental exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke, and I am dismayed that the incumbent would waste our tax dollars in an attempt to outlaw the sale of candy cigarettes to discourage youth from smoking. There are effective ways, but that is not one of them.

The large number of bills introduced by the incumbent and the few that were passed provide a consistent pattern of failure to recognize or consider the cost to the taxpayers of introducing far more bills than could be successfully tracked by any one legislator. I strongly urge voters in District 9 to vote for Steve Poulton so that we can have respected and effective representation.

Harry L. Gibbons, M.D.

Former candidate

Senate District 9