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I, along with many others, received a draft notice to serve my country. We answered the call to serve. I, along with many others, suffered injuries that have completely changed what we projected our lives to be.

I, along with many other veterans, am frustrated in attempting to deal with the Veterans Administration that has so many built-in delays. It becomes readily apparent that they are attempting (and winning) by means of attrition (veterans dying and giving up).Recently, I received a letter from our local office in Salt Lake City telling me that it will be a minimum of two years before my case is finally adjudicated by the Board of Veteran Appeals. The man over the Board of Veteran Appeals projects by the end of the year that the backlog will be five years. How many veterans of World War I, World War II, the Korean War and other conflicts will still be alive when the cases are heard?

In this computer age, I say direct the efforts for caring for those who served their country and suffered as a result, do it quickly and give us dignity and respect.

Take some of the money that goes for foreign aid to avowed Marxists, tobacco subsidies, nations who violate human rights, etc., and take care of our veterans. In Utah, give us a nursing home. We are the only state in America without at least one.

C. Steven Nielson