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What Cynthia Griffith of Sandy (Readers' Forum, June 20) does not understand is that Enid Greene Waldholtz is anything but part of the solution. Ms. Griffith intimates that Utahns have received no tax relief as a result of Rep. Karen Shepherd's tenure in office. This is a complete lie.

Shepherd cast a vote in favor of the Earned Income Tax Credit, bringing tremendous tax relief to approximately 81,400 Utah families and 15 million other American families. But Enid and the Republicans won't tell you that.Shepherd cast a vote to cut federal spending for offices, staff and free mailing privileges of ex-presidents and ex-speakers of the House, in addition to refusing her own salary and cutting her own office budget by 25 percent, returning $500,000 dollars to the U.S. Treasury. Shepherd placed a moratorium on missile testing in southern Utah and sponsored a bill prohibiting other states from transporting toxic wastes to our state.

Shepherd obtained $13 million for I-15 improvements, and secured federal funds for the Salt Lake Area Gang Task Force. She also sat down with Utahns to learn their views on health-care reform. Waldholtz and other members of her party have done nothing but fight the reform effort.

Shepherd has been a leader at solving problems, not creating them.

Michael A. Thomas

Salt Lake City