Cicely Tyson returned to the apartment where she lived from age 9 to 17, and it was more than a sentimental journey. The actress was helping to dedicate the building and three others in the neighborhood that were recently renovated by the SFDS Development Corp., a partnership of three East Harlem churches, for 58 low-income families.

Tyson's old home now bears her name.She went into her old railroad flat on the fifth floor. "There was a gentleman sitting there in his shorts watching TV, and in came an onslaught of people," she said. "I also went up to the roof because I used to spend a lot of time up there."

"To have some place memorialized in that manner means more to me than I can verbalize," she added. "It is not a structure that glorifies the name Cicely Tyson. It is a structure that is providing homes for the homeless and low-income people, and that is simply the most rewarding thing that I can have happen."