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Conservative Utah Republicans should be embarrassed that we have unwittingly contributed to the liberal left's agenda for big government by sending Bill Orton to be our representative.

It's not that I don't like Bill Orton. He may, in fact, be conservative, for a Democrat. But no matter how "conservative" Bill Orton claims to be, as long as we return him to Congress, as long as we continue to give the numbers to the Democrats, we empower their very liberal national agenda.For nearly all of the past 60 years, the Democratic Party has been positioned to determine what even reaches the floor for Orton and the others to vote on. And for nearly all of the past 60 years, the Democrat-controlled House has led the nation toward ever-bigger government and ever-more-liberal policies. Conservative or not, Orton's presence empowers the liberals. If we want real change in Washington, we have to change the House of Representatives. We have to move the Democrats out of their lock on the majority.

Last month, I met Tom Draschil. Tom is a Republican running for Congress from the 3rd District. He is an exceptional individual, well-founded in conservative and constitutional principles. He is an exciting, eloquent defender of our traditional values. The man is deeply rooted in correct principles. Draschil could be a congressman that you would be proud to claim as your own. He is an exciting alternative to Orton.

Jim Ferrin