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Michael Fay felt "a deep burning sensation" as he was lashed with a rattan cane but tried not to think about the pain, he told Newsweek in his first interview since returning home from Singapore.

Afterward, Fay said he shook the hand of the man who caned him "to show that I'd kept my pride."Fay returned to his father's home in Kettering, Ohio, last week after being caned and spending 83 days in prison on vandalism charges.

Fay was originally sentenced to six lashes with a rattan cane but that was reduced to four after President Clinton appealed to the government in Singapore.

"I felt a deep burning sensation throughout my body, real pain," Fay told Newsweek for its July 4 issue. "The flesh was ripped open. Now on one side there are brown blotches, about 2 inches in diameter, where the flesh was torn. On the other side are four straight lines. I tried not to think of the pain."

Fay said he confessed to the vandalism even though he was innocent because he would have received an even harsher penalty otherwise. He said Singapore police beat him and others suspected of vandalism.

"I saw another American boy being beaten," Fay said. "They ganged up, punching him, kicking his legs. They hit him with street signs from my room. I also saw a Malaysian boy come out of interrogation dabbing blood from his nose. . . . He said, `I can't hear out of my ear.' "

Fay had given his only earlier interview to Israel radio. He said he was smacked in the face and punched in the head by Singapore police.