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On Tuesday, the Salt Lake County Planning Commission will make a decision that will ultimately determine whether Sorenson Developers will be allowed to begin construction on a huge apartment complex surrounding the Riverboat Restaurant on 4500 South. If taken to completion, this complex will contain 995 apartments, and totally wipe out the beautiful green area surrounding the Riverboat.

Roads in this area are already so crowded it is almost impossible to travel them during rush hour, and it is extremely slow going during off-peak hours as well. The schools are all at more than capacity, and many elementary students are bused elsewhere because there isn't room for them at the local elementary. Local crime has increased with the number of apartment developments that have been built.But the overriding concern here should be how many apartments are enough for any one community to have within its borders. This central valley area is fast becoming wall-to-wall apartments, almost totally devoid of green space and open area. There are already more than twice as many apartments as single homes in this area, even though the Taylorsville-Bennion master plan calls for single-family residences as the main dwelling unit. Enough is enough.

In an article in the June 1 Deseret News, Commissioner Randy Horiuchi acknowledged that it was a mistake to have approved as many apartment complexes as are already in existence in this part of the valley. I would like to invite Horiuchi and his fellow commissioners to make sure those past mistakes are not severely compounded now by allowing this monster development to begin.

Naida Stayner