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For the good of the Holladay senatorial district and for the good of the state, I hope you will cast your vote for Steve Poulton in the Republican primary on Tuesday.

The Holladay area has always been a source of legislative leadership for the whole state. Poulton will not only have one vote in the legislative halls to express the will of the people in Holladay, but he will influence and carry with him the votes of many of his colleagues. Thus in electing Poulton, you get not one - but frequently many votes on critical matters of public policy in state government.It has truly been said that fewer than 10 percent of the legislators control legislative decisions. Poulton would be one of that 10 percent.

Poulton knows that all of the evaluation adjustments or even temporary reduction in levies are not the answer to the real property tax problems. The problem is a direct result of too many institutions feeding on real property taxes. The remedy for the tax problem will threaten some very sacred cows, but Steve knows what needs to be done and he is prepared to do it.

No one can claim a greater interest in children and in the well-being of families than Poulton, but he is not a single issue candidate. He has a sound business and social experience and is prepared to provide leadership across the entire government spectrum. His voice will be heard and emulated.

I recently ended a political career of 26 years in the Utah State Legislature. I know the players. I know the issues.

Lorin N. Pace

Salt Lake City