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Too often we hear about all the bad things kids are doing. More often than not the kids who are doing good are overlooked. For this reason I would like to thank the Salt Lake County 4-H Horse Council. They just completed their June Horse Show and had more than 350 youths from 30 clubs participate.

How rewarding it was to see these youths on their horses competing in the various events throughout the two-day show. And without the parents giving of their time, all this would not be possible.These kids demonstrate their horsemanship skills at different levels. They all show good sportsmanship even though they come from different clubs. The responsibility these youths show not only to their horses but also their leaders is unique.

With such a large number involved, you would think there would be some problems. But the youths, leaders and parents are there to work together to make sure this program continues to be one of great pride.

What a great program for our children to grow with. It teaches them to work hard, keep their bodies healthy, think clearly, be loyal and the importance of service.

Terry and Michelle Mackay