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Orem City Council

In its Monday, June 28, meeting, the City Council will:

- In a public hearing set for 7:30 p.m., review the portions of the zoning ordinance that deal with motels, convention centers and associated regulations to allow development of a high-quality hotel and convention center.

- Review a request from hotelier John Q. Hammons to change the zoning of the former Hales Power Plant property to allow his hotel development.

- Discuss a request from Danville Services Corp. for a conditional use permit for a group home for the mentally handicapped at 614 North 840 East.

- Discuss traffic controls, as recommended by the citizen's advisory committee for the Carterville Road. Staff is not recommending the closure of the road north of the University Parkway bridge.

- Establish an ad hoc committee to create a master traffic plan for the area involving Utah Valley State College and another such committee to review the placement of an intermodal transportation station in Orem.

- Call together an ad hoc committee to create a strategic plan for programs and use of the new Senior Friendship Center.

- Acting as the Redevelopment Agency, look at the participation agreement for Boyer Co.'s Lake Point Shopping Center to be located between 1200 and 1300 South between 400 West and approximately 200 West.

American Fork City Council

In its Tuesday, June 28, meeting, the American Fork City Council will:

- Consider annexing .74 acres at 400 S. 500 West to be zoned residential (R1-7500).

- Consider rezoning property at 117 N. 300 East from commercial to residential.

- Consider annexing 7.75 acres at 750 W. 800 North to be zoned residential/agricultural.

- Discuss an agreement with contractors for repairs made at the Fitness Center swimming pool deck.

- Discuss paying for park and road development in a new subdivision at 500 N. 600 West.

- Discuss placing stop signs at 100 S. 300 West.

- Consider adding sales tax to fitness center fees per a new state law.

Council meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall, 31 N. Church St.