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Rural atmosphere and affordable housing are the two aspects of Juab County that residents find most appealing, according to a recent survey.

Good schools, low crime and convenience were listed among other top reasons people chose to live in the county, according to the Utah Community Progress Survey, sponsored by the Utah Partners in Rural Leadership, Juab County Economic Development, and Utah State University Extension offices.Results are complete for Nephi and the county. Mona and Levan results are still being tabulated, said Glenn Greenhalgh, economic development director.

There was a nearly even split on whether the area was attractive because it was convenient to recreation - 52 percent said yes and 48 percent said no. Convenience to job was listed as important by 52 percent.

Being close to cultural activities is not a reason to live in Juab County, said 76 percent. And 78 percent said convenience to higher education was not high on their list of priorities.

One question commissioners had a great deal of interest in was whether people of the county thought the number of acres required per home in the unincorporated area of the county should be reduced or not. "The opinion was close," said Greenhalgh. In fact, he said, it was fairly evenly split - 36 percent thought the requirement should be reduced, 35 percent thought it should not, and 29 percent didn't know.

"The results were a little different in Nephi city," said Greenhalgh. There 42 percent thought the acreage requirements should be reduced, 28 percent thought they should not, and 30 percent didn't know.

Greenhalgh said one question of interest is how long residents have lived in the county. In the county as a whole, 24 percent of residents had lived in the county less five years. Among Nephi residents, 31 percent had lived in the county less than five years.

Greenhalgh said 54 percent of the county residents had lived in Juab County more than 20 years. For Nephi the figure is 45 percent.

Fifty-three percent of Juab County heads of households are employed in Juab County, 24 percent are employed in Utah County, 4 percent in Millard County, 1 percent in Sanpete County, 5 percent in Tooele County, and 12 percent were employed elsewhere.

In Nephi, 60 percent of the employed heads of households work in Juab County, 22 per cent are employed in Utah County, 5 percent in Millard County, 1 percent in Sanpete County, and 12 percent in other counties.

Nephi respondents were asked to list the last year of school they had completed. Twenty-nine percent had completed high school, 35 percent had completed some college or vocational school, 7 percent were vocational school graduates, 13 percent were college graduates, 4 percent had some graduate school, and 6 percent had graduate degrees. One percent had only completed grade school, and 5 percent had completed some high school. Figures were almost identical for the county survey.

Only 7 percent of Nephites made less than $10,000 and only 3 percent made more than $70,000. In the county, 4 percent made more than $70,000.