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Cottonwood Hospital-

ANDERSON, Allissa and BLAKE, Dell, Salt Lake City, girl.

BECK, Pamela and Kevin, West Jordan, girl.

CAPENER, Kelly and Mike, Murray, boy.

CHAUDHRY, Sameera and Shahid, Sandy, boy.

ERICKSON, Sitha M. and Mark C., Salt Lake City, girl.

LARSEN, Tina and John, Draper, girl.

LINTON, Carie and Anthony, Salt Lake City, girl.

LOPEX, Deborah, Kearns, girl.

MATTULAT, Vanessa and OCHOA, Anthony, Salt Lake City, girl.

McKEETH, Lora L. and Nathan R., Salt Lake City, girl.

PANTOS, Sharlynn and Nick, West Jordan, boy.

ROACH, Thomas and Deann, Salt Lake City, boy.

THATCHER, Cheryln and Ted, Bluffdale, boy.

THOMAS, Cindy L. and Wesley S., West Valley City, boy.

THOMAS, Karey and Kirk C., Sandy, girl.

WAHLIN, Kristen and Don E., Riverton, girl.

WALLACE, Julie Ann and Trevor, West Jordan, girl.

WHEELWRIGHT, Susan and Tod T., Alta, boy.

WILLIAMS, Laura and FARTHING, Randy, Salt Lake City, boy.

YOUNG, Lorena and David, Sandy, girl.

FHP Hospital-

ALMOND, Aida and Brant, Kearns, boy.

BROOKS, Michelle, West Valley City, girl.

BROWN, Ann, Salt Lake City, boy.

CHANDLEE, Shelley and Robert, Magna, boy.

CHIEN, Ana and HSIA, Ray, Salt Lake City, boy.

COOPER, Angela and Myron, West Valley City, boy.

DOWD, Marie and Mike, West Valley City, girl.

GUIZAR, Erica and VALERIO, Anthony, Salt Lake City, boy.

JACKSON, Debbie and Duane, Park City, boy.

LANCE, Maren and Dean, boy.

NICHOLS, Nancy and Roy, Magna, boy.

PETERSON, Ellen and Corry, Salt Lake City, girl.

SCHMITT, Trina and Brian, Bennion, boy.

STEVENS, Maryanne and Lane, Magna, girl.

STILLION, Mirinda and Cameron, Salt Lake City, boy.

SUAZO, Jamie and BEEBE, Ron, Bountiful, girl.

TUCKER, Chandra and Allan, Murray, girl.

Holy Cross Hospital-

ALIRES, Michelle and Kenny, Salt Lake City, boy.

BIRCH, LoaDean and SORENSEN, Lynn, West Valley City, girl.

CARRILLO, Holly and VIGIL, Cornel, Salt Lake City, girl.

FERMANIAN, Elizabeth and Jack, Salt Lake City, girl.

GARCIA, Lisa and LeeRoy, Magna, girl.

GUTIERREZ, Ana Maria, Salt Lake City, boy.

HANSEN, Heather and Kent, Salt Lake City, boy.

KOUNALIS, Maria and George, Salt Lake City, boy.

LAMBSON, Chris and Scott, Salt Lake City, girl.

LLOYD, Liza and David, Salt Lake City, boy.

MAGALOGO, Deanna and Gabe, West Jordan, girl.

PERKES, Cristina and Dave, Salt Lake City, boy.

PILLING, Kathy and CHIVERS, Gene, Salt Lake City, girl.

SANCHEZ, Christina and MISHENKO, Victor Jr., Midvale, girl.

STEPHENSON, Jill and Joe, Salt Lake City, girl.

ZHANG, Lijun and Xiaodong, Salt Lake City, girl.

Holy Cross Jordan Valley Hospital-

GLATHAR, Coleen and Russell, twin girls.

NIELSEN, Diane and Allen, Sandy, twins, girl and boy.

BIRCH, Teresa and Blair, boy.

BLACK, Lynette and Jim, boy.

COURON, Traci and Bill, Sandy, boy.

DAZLEY, Mari Jo and Joel, South Jordan, girl.

DILWORTH, Valerie, Magna, girl.

DRAPPEAUX, Dawn, Midvale, girl.

ELSBERRY, Kevin and Tammy, boy.

FACER, Kelleen and Martin, boy.

HAGIO, Dana and Richard, South Jordan, boy.

HAWKS, Corri and Randy, Midvale, girl.

KIDMAN, Janna and Kirt, girl.

LUCERO, Tammy and Joey, girl.

PETERSON, Sue and Kevin, girl.

STEPHENSON, Camille and James, Sandy, boy.

VALLEJOS, Patricia and PEACOCK, Carl, West Valley City, boy.

WALL, Wendy and BROWN, David, boy.

LDS Hospital-

BUTTERFIELD, Maryanne and Curtis, West Jordan, boy.

COOK, Brenda and Walter, South Jordan, girl.

DAVIES, Susan and Ro, Salt Lake City, girl.

DOWDLE, Katty and Robert, Salt Lake City, girl.

LATIMER, Kamie and Darin, Bountiful, girl.

MILLBURN, Lisa and Christopher, Bountiful, girl.

PACKARD, Karen and Ryan, Bountiful, girl.

PEART, Sonja and Bryan, Draper, girl.

ROHBOCK, Donna and Donald, Kaysville, boy.

WHEATLEY, Lori and Mark, Salt Lake City, girl.

WINTERS, Julie and Joel, Bountiful, girl.

University Hospital-

BAILEY, Jennifer and Jerimiah, Kearns, boy.

BULKLEY, Bunny and Shane, Draper, girl.

ERWIN, Paula and Ken, Tooele, boy.

FORTNER, Monica, Murray, girl.

LEE, Jamie, West Valley City, girl.

McALLISTER, Terri and John, Salt Lake City, boy.

MONTOYA, Heather, Green River, Wyo., boy.

WILLIAMS, Marianne, Kearns, girl.