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Betty Crocker's Pop-Secret "Pop Chips" are baked not fried and are snack chips made with popcorn. The snack chips are billed at have "60 percent less fat than average potato chips." The 5-ounce packages retail for $1.89 and come in original, butter and sour cream and onion flavors.

Edyth Jensen (married, three children at home): "We tried the sour cream and onion. They aren't bad. The first few are good but after that . . . We took them to a family picnic and were told, `These things have got to go!' "Nihla Lake (married, two children at home): "Reading the box was almost as fun as eating the product - a real ego trip. Everyone liked these sour cream and onion snackers. The popcorn flavor was tasty, and they had a nice texture - not too crunchy and not too soft. They may make an appearance on our shopping list."

Linda C. Tingey (single mother, four teenage boys at home): "I left these chips out on the kitchen table where three of my four teenage boys could sample them. The general feeling about the chips was `Yuck! These are gross!' Guess I won't be buying them again."

Bill Allred (single): "Bad news for people like me: People who think that they shouldn't eat junk food and that all junk food is bad. I didn't want to like these chips . . . honest, I didn't. But these chips made from popped corn are pretty tasty and they have a lot less fat than potato chips and other fried snack foods. One quibble: The back of the box of pop chips ask `Why didn't anybody think of this before?' I think they have. Anybody ever tried Bugles? These chips taste about the same as those little horn-shaped snack bites."

Rich Firmage (married, three children, oldest 8 years old): "These were about as popular around my house as a lead balloon. They were a bit flavorless and nobody really liked them. I personally thought they were fair at best. They are quite low in fat but very high in sodium. I doubt very seriously we will buy these again."

Conclusion: Two thumbs up and three down - unless you have serious problems with cholesterol, you might want to pass these by.