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A regional governor filed a complaint against Vladimir Zhirinovsky Tuesday, accusing the flamboyant ultranationalist leader of breaking into his office and threatening to have his staff shot.

After Zhirinovsky and his bodyguards left Monday, authorities discovered that 100,000 rubles ($50) and two silver cups were missing, officials said in Nizhny Novgorod, a Volga River city."We're not saying that Zhirinovsky or his people stole them; we just say these things were missing after their visit," said Viktor Lysov, an aide to Gov. Boris Nemtsov.

Zhirinovsky leads a large faction in parliament. As a lawmaker, he would be immune from prosecution unless parliament deputies rescinded that immunity.

He angrily occupied Nemtsov's office Monday morning to complain about demonstrators who called him a fascist on Sunday and told him to go back to Moscow. He accused Nemtsov's aides of organizing the hecklers.

Zhirinovsky sat in Nemtsov's chair and tried to use the governor's hot line to President Boris Yeltsin and other federal authorities, said another Nemtsov aide, Alexander Kotyusov.

Zhirinovsky threatened to fire Nemtsov's staff before leaving three hours later with a warning he would have everyone shot, Kotyusov said. He later had a wild party, Kotyusov said.

There was no immediate comment Tuesday from Zhirinovsky, who planned to leave Tuesday night for an undisclosed destination.

The flap was reminiscent of Zhirinovsky's visits to foreign countries, where he often sparks controversy and protests. He also frequently makes wild threats that he says he will carry out if ever elected president.

This time, Zhirinovsky complained his delegation was not given an official escort and had to "drive around the city at its own risk."

The ITAR-Tass news agency said Nemtsov's legal complaint accuses Zhirinovsky of violating a law protecting the offices of lawmakers.