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Shannon Faulkner wants to be in the white stone barracks at The Citadel this fall. The military college wants her to get a crew cut and move into the college infirmary the following fall.

A federal judge may have to resolve the difference next month.U.S. District Judge C. Weston Houck required both sides in Faulkner's sex discrimination lawsuit to propose plans for admitting her to the college's all-male corps of cadets if he rules in favor of that next month.

The plan filed Monday by The Citadel proposes Faulkner continue as a day student next school year and then begin military training the following fall.

It says Faulkner would then receive a crew cut, a uniform and a private room in the college infirmary. She would be permitted no makeup or jewelry but would later be allowed a regulation military haircut for women - hair above the collar that doesn't interfere with headgear.

She would have to comply with Army physical fitness standards for women, would participate in cadet activities and her room door would be unlocked like those of other cadets. But any time another cadet entered there would have to be three people in the room.

Faulkner's plan says women should be permitted in the barracks, provided separate bathrooms and given appropriate supervision by military training officers and other adults.

"Our plan provides for other women, not just Shannon Faulkner," attorney Val Vojdik said.

Citadel attorney Dawes Cooke said delaying her entrance into the corps would balance her interest in getting a Citadel education against the interests of cadets who arrived before her case began and expected to attend an all-male college.

He said Faulkner could still be a Citadel graduate and have access to the alumni network even if she started a year later.