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This letter announces the formation of a new organization for Utah residents called CAPPP - Citizens Against Poop in Public Places. All people are invited to join. There are no dues, no newsletter, no officers and no meetings. Concerned citizens are urged to take the following steps to begin cleaning up our parks and streets and neighbors' yards:

1. Carry a plastic bag with you at all times. Offer it to owners of dogs being walked or run in public places. If owner does not understand the use of the bag, tell him/her to put the bag over the hand and use it as a glove to pick up the dog's poop, then turn the bag so that the poop is inside and discard in a trash container.2. Remind recalcitrant owners that the poop in parks is so bad that those places could become closed to dogs. It also should be noted that not cleaning up after pets on property other than the owner's is against the law and subjects the owner to a fine.

It is hoped that good sense will prevail over the attitude encountered recently in Sugarhouse park. After observing a woman watch her dog poop and walk away from the pile, I offered a bag to the human member of the team, who refused it on the grounds that nobody cleans up poop. Good dog owners do clean up poop, and you bad and dirty folks are making parks and streets not fit for a dog.

Mary Johnson

Salt Lake City