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Like neighboring cities, Springville hopes to use much of its new revenue from growth to increase public safety in the fast-growing city.

In the proposed 1994-95 budget, city officials want to increase the Police Department's budget by more than $150,000 to hire an additional officer and clerical person and to purchase three new patrol cars. Police officers also would receive a 5 percent salary increase to bring their earnings more in line with officers from other agencies."This is the first time in 10 years that we've had an increase in officers," Chief Leland Bowers said.

Because of annexations and new construction, Bowers said calls have increased substantially and officers are putting more mileage on vehicles.

"Officers have little time for self-initiated activities, and they are just jumping from one call to another," he said.

The proposed $4.3 million general fund budget would increase about 8 percent from last year. Most new money would come from collecting more property and sales tax. Impact fees and utility fees would increase revenue to the water, sewer and electrical enterprise funds. Overall, the proposed $17,834,370 budget includes about $1.3 million in new money.

The biggest increase in expenditures would come in the way of capital projects. Last year the city spent $1.5 million on capital projects. This year $3.6 million is earmarked for capital expenses.

The largest new capital expense would be $1 million for an addition to Evergreen Power Plant. About $120,000 would be spent to complete Bird Park, a baseball complex under construction north of Springville High School. Money also is earmarked to purchase property for an additional city compound, to build a new entrance to Springville Cemetery and to start construction on a new park at about 300 South and 1300 East. The budget includes an allocation of $34,000 to extend 400 East north from 400 North.

Several hundred thousand dollars would be set aside in capital projects contingency funds. The council and mayor would put $225,000 into an emergency capital expenses fund. A reserve account for a new sprinkling system at Hobble Creek Golf Course would get $120,000. The Water Department contingency fund would get $90,000 for new water lines. The Fire Department contingency fund would get $67,000 and the library fund $50,000.

Besides two new police officers, the proposed budget also calls for hiring one full-time tree trimmer. All city employees would receive a 2.6 percent cost-of-living wage increase. Health care premiums would increase about 8 percent.

The council will hold a public hearing on the proposed budget Thursday, June 30, at 6 p.m. at the Civic Center, 50 S. Main. Council members will vote on the budget following the hearing.