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QUARREL: A quarreling couple who ran onto a railway track brought one of Japan's famous bullet trains screeching to a halt, police said on Friday. The wife, a 30-year-old teacher, raced onto the track after jumping over a barrier at the end of a platform followed by her husband, also 30, a police spokesman said. They were sighted by a station official who hurriedly applied a remote control brake to halt a bullet train about to enter the station. The couple were lectured by railway and police officials, though no action was taken against them. The incident delayed 1,000 passengers on three bullet trains by up to seven minutes.Across the nation

EXPLOSION: An explosion in San Francisco demolished a three-story building, hurling glass and bricks the length of a block. Three people were killed and at least four injured. The blast Thursday evening in the rundown Tenderloin district may have been caused by a natural gas leak, Fire Chief Joe Medina said. But a spokesman for Pacific Gas & Electric said gas was not responsible.

RECAPTURED: A murderer who escaped from a New York hospital for the criminally insane a week ago was recaptured Friday and a second killer who got out with him turned himself in. Herbert "Tony" Arnold, 51, was found by a state trooper in the borough of Brooklyn, said state police investigator Donald Look. John Casablanca, 50, surrendered. Authorities said the two had committed eight murders between them as well as rapes and other attacks. While the men were at large, police protection was offered to surviving victims who one official described as "petrified."

ADS BANNED: Cincinnati has moved to ban tobacco advertisements on billboards, buses and other spots outdoors. The tobacco industry and the American Civil Liberties Union said they may got to court to challenge the ban, adopted Thursday by the City Council. Tobacco ads were banned immediately at bus shelters and on buses and will be banned in two years from billboards along highways and in Riverfront Stadium, home of baseball's Cincinnati Reds and football's Cincinnati Bengals.