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This is a tribute to all those wonderful people in Salt Lake City who are kind and helpful to the handicapped. I take care of all of my outside business, but I walk with two canes and it's a welcome relief when someone opens a door, invites me to go ahead of them in a long line at the post office or gives me a hand in trying to get up from soft cushions in a public waiting room.

Recently, I was carrying a very heavy medical record into an office building when a young woman offered to carry the records and led me into a new doctor's suite. Then, on Saturday before Mother's Day, I was leaving a small grocery store when a young man said, "Excuse me, my mother is in Europe and I'd like you to have these flowers." He handed me a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers that remained fresh for two weeks. And I was so touched that I was reluctant to discard them after they wilted.I asked his name and if I remember correctly, I believe he said his name is Warner. Because I was so hurried and tired, I failed to ask the young woman's name, but if these two young people read this letter, they will know of my gratitude for their acts of kindness.

Aurora Fairclough

Salt Lake City