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Dear Do-It Man: On Feb. 15, I ordered three items from CVP Co. in Hicksville, N.Y.: a "Lord is my shepherd" crystal bell for $5; two car seat cushions for $5 each; an ortho comfort sleeping pillow for $7.95; and one other item that I can't remember.

My order totaled $30.37 including shipping and insurance.I wrote the company two letters but I received no response.

- J.H., Salt Lake City.

Dear J.H.: We called the company and spoke to a customer service representative. She confirmed your $30.37 order and said it was originally shipped March 23.

The company received a letter from you May 12 stating you hadn't received the merchandise. Because it hadn't received the merchandise back, it believed your address was wrong.

It changed your address and reshipped the merchandise, which you should receive no later than June 18, according to the customer service representative.

There is, however, a problem.

The address the company first sent your merchandise to was correct.

It had a 4915 south coordinate, the same one listed on the return address on your letter to us and on the copy of your cancelled check.

Why you didn't get it or why it wasn't returned to the company remains a mystery.

For the second shipment the company changed the south coordinate to 49155 and dropped the word "south" from your address.

We explained to the customer service representative that the second address is incorrect. There's no way the post office could make sense of that address, we told her.

We agreed to call her back after June 18 and confirm that you hadn't received the merchandise. She said the company would gladly refund your money then.

Halt the salt and drink some water

Water forms almost 70 percent of your body. It's in your cells. It surrounds your cells. This water also contains salt.

Your body needs both salt and water to function. If you went without either for a very long time, the cells would be harmed, reports 3-2-1 Contact magazine.

Let's say you've eaten a bag of salty potato chips. Nerves in your internal organs sense that your salt level is getting high.

They send a signal to a part of the brain called the hypothalmus. The message? Halt the salt! Send water!

Drinking water cuts down, or dilutes, the salt in your body fluids, just as adding more water to a very sweet juice dilutes the sugar in your drink.

Your hypothalmus then sends a message to you by making you feel thirsty-- and off you go to get a glass of water.

--AP Special Features