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On Memorial Day, I entered the Herriman cemetery and marveled at its beauty. The beautiful green grass was manicured to perfection. The roadway, lined with flowing flags standing stately, reminded me of my heritage and how proud I am of it.

When I was a child living in this little town, I remember dragging a rake, shovel or hoe behind me and would follow my mother and aunt as we walked to the weedy and dirt-covered cemetery to clean the graves for "Decoration Day." The night before the holiday, I would help my mother cut lilacs, peonies, roses, iris and snowballs and put them in large, round, galvanized tubs filled with water.Beautiful bunches of sweet-smelling flowers were then arranged in bouquets and put in cans and quart jars and placed on the graves from head to foot. My mother would take me to other grave sights in the cemetery and tell me a little history about the person buried there. I gained a great respect for these people.

Herriman cemetery remained one of the last to acquire water and lawn in this county. Even though it was the last to be dressed so beautifully on this special day, it remains the first in my heart. Thanks to my cousin, Bryant Miller (sexton), and all the outstanding citizens of this small town for their persistence, time, effort and hard work in this grand project.

Louise P. Densley

West Valley City