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Rodney King says he hopes his courtroom ordeals are over and never wants to see the video of his beating again.

"It's a sick sight to look at," King said Thursday in a news conference outside his attorney's office.A day earlier, the federal jury that previously ordered the city of Los Angeles to pay King $3.8 million compensatory refused to make six officers involved in his beating pay him millions more in punitive damages.

The Los Angeles jury found that former Sgt. Stacey Koon and former Officer Laurence Powell acted with malice or disregard of King's rights during the 1991 beating but shouldn't have to pay damages. And the jury said the four other defendants didn't violate King's rights.

King's lawyer, Milton Grimes, said he may appeal on the basis of juror misconduct. "We're still looking for justice," he said.

Cynthia Kelly, the only black on the jury, met with Grimes on Thursday, the Los Angeles Times said Friday. Grimes said he was concerned by her statements that she had to "fight like hell" to get the earlier verdict favoring King.

King said he was "neutral" about the verdict and just wants to be finished with legal battles. He has been through three trials since 1992.

"I would like to end it," he said. "No one wins here in this type of situation."

As for the $3.8 million, "I hope I don't go broke spending it on doctor bills," he said. He is taking classes to learn to "hold on to the money."

King said Wednesday's verdict didn't surprise him.

"After the first verdict in Simi Valley, nothing surprises me."