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Do basic office work. Two three-hour shifts a week. Training.

Work with canoe program for people with disabilities. Training.Provide office help, do bar coding, run errands. Three times a week.

Visit residents of local care center.

Take phone calls, help with projects. Flexible times.

Answer questions on tenant hotline. Training. Two to four hours a week.

Assist medical staff at homeless clinic. Training.

Drive vans for Shriners Hospital. Errands. Current license, good driving record needed. Training. Four hours a week. Some lifting.

Do basic office work. Four hours a week, must be 18 or older.

Provide assistance to caregivers. Two to four hours on Saturdays. Training.

Greet visitors, answers questions and give directions at convention bureau. Training. Three to four-hour shifts.

Deliver food boxes to senior citizens once a month.

Visit lonely women in northwest part of the the city. Spanish helpful but not required. Flexible times.

Answer phones and perform minor office tasks. Training. Flexible times.

Staff the gate for watercraft races. Lunch and admission included. Six Saturdays during the summer.

Take elderly woman shopping. Flexible times.

Befriend elderly, homebound woman two hours a week.

People who have been widowed at least two years are needed to assist other newly widowed people. Training. Will work one-on-one providing friendship, emotional support and information.

Do light household chores in apartments of senior citizens. Two to four hours a week.

Visit elderly woman in retirement home. Two hours a week.

Organize central supply office for health department. Flexible times, some lifting required. One-month commitment.

Help disabled people envision and implement their goals. Orientation. Two meetings and four follow-up calls and visits.

Be a campground host for Millsite State Park in Ferron. Summer. Site provided.

Interview clients, gather information for litigation, attend trials and hearings. Training. Volunteer will be supervised by housing-unit attorneys.

Advocate for mentally retarded persons.

Pick up and deliver prepared food items for food bank. Flexible times. Training.

Provide secretarial help for two weeks.

Teach arts and crafts to people with disabilities.

Help with recreation for people at Alzheimer's care facility. Flexible times.

Provide information and screen applicants in utility program.

Advocate for abused, neglected children. Training. One to two hours a week.

Teach nature classes to people with disabilities.

Assist rape and sex assault victims. Training, flexible times.

Help disabled people with recreation activities. Training. Flexible schedule.

Teach dance to low-income children.

Host string quartet concert for residents of homeless shelter, 6:30-9 p.m.

Enter data for Red Cross. Flexible times, training.

Set up rooms and equipment to facilitate grief support group for children whose parent has died.

Drive woman who is partially disabled to appointments, classes. West Valley area.

Gather or provide hygiene kits for children.

Skilled, volunteer construction workers needed.

Do basic office and clerical work for Habitat for Humanity.

Work with grief support groups. Training.

Host international students for summer, six months or year. Training.

Help with literacy program.

Provide a beautician's chair to senior day care facility.

Provide TV in good working condition to disabled woman and three small children.

Give cross-stitch kits for disabled woman.

Donate single bed, mattress and box springs.

Give a piano.

Provide washer and dryer in good working condition.

Contribute a fax machine in good condition for Indian Walk-in Center.

Provide an electric typewriter.

Contribute business calculator, any size.

Donate towels in good condition.

Provide art supplies: construction paper, washable pain, brushes, felt, glue and yarn.