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Orem will not close the Carterville Road as requested by a citizen ad hoc committee.

The city will make several minor changes to try to alleviate the stress on the road residents want left strictly rural.Keith Larsen, traffic engineer for the city, told the City Council Tuesday the road isn't strictly a rural road.

The traffic counts taken recently show high volumes, with more than 12,000 vehicle trips per day. Speed is excessive with the average motorist going 40 mph. Posted speed is 25 mph.

There are five main access points to Carterville Road that do not originate in the immediate area - four of these coming off collector streets.

Residents say the increased use and heavy traffic threaten the pristine nature of the area, but Larsen said closing Carterville Road at the south end just over the Parkway Bridge is not in the best interest of the community.

Closing the road would shift traffic onto other routes, he said, adding that not all of those roads are any better equipped to handle additional traffic than Carterville.

Instead the city agreed to:

- install a three-way stop sign at the intersection of 800 South and Carterville Road.

- direct the staff to pursue relocation of a masonry wall on the northeast corner of 800 South and Carterville Road.

- install a three-way stop at the intersection of 1385 S. Carterville Road.

- maintain the current zoning to preserve existing rural density and land use.

- develop a plan for extending 800 South over the hill to the east to intersect with Carterville.

- encourage more vigorous traffic law enforcement.

- install more "no passing" and speed limit signs.

Larsen recommended that all of Carterville Road be improved to collector road standards at the time the city upgrades the 800 South intersection.

He said research into Car-ter-ville's accident history showed that "not a single intersection" met the accident warrant requirements needed for a traffic control device upgrade.