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Growth and careful use of existing tax bases have given residents another year's reprieve from raising property taxes.

The Lehi City Council gave final approval to the proposed $3 million 1994-95 budget Tuesday night, saying the single most important budget item was that Lehi property taxes will not be raised.The general fund, which shows an increase of $500,000 over last year's budget, includes a substantial increase in several departments. The fire department shows the largest increase, with an additional $80,000 over last year's budget.

Councilman Dee Ray Russon said the increase was necessary to cover wages for the new fire marshal's position to be filled by Dale Ekins. Liabilities are on the rise, and if the city did not get a marshal to do inspections and other department responsibilities, the city insurance costs and fire rates would increase substantially.

The garbage budget also showed an increase of nearly $100,000 to cover the cost increases brought on by rapid growth in the city. The council did vote to stay with the current collection system instead of converting the city to an automated system. By doing that, collection costs went up 50 cents a month instead of the projected $72 a year on the automated system.

The police department also showed an increase of more than $100,000 over last year because of the need for new officers and equipment upgrades.

The city offices have received computer upgrades as well, which will be paid over a three-year period.

Russon said, "Our goal this year was to allow department heads to prepare and submit their individual budget estimates with justification for specific needs. The focus was on equipment and facility upgrades along with pressing department requirements to support the many needs of the city."

Of major concern to the city is the inadequate sewer capacity and the scarce water sources.