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Trying to beat temperatures that hover near triple digits, kids are catching, carving, splashing, squirting, soaking, bubbling, twirling, throwing, tossing, slipping and sliding their way through summer.

Fun in the sun means toys, toys, toys - and local toy sellers say what's hot this summer includes a bumper crop of classic toys retrofitted for the '90s.The toys range from squirt guns that pack enough water to give an elephant a bath to yo-yos with clutch systems that make yo-yoing the equivalent of riding a 10-speed with training wheels.

Of course, modern basics like Nintendo and Sega video games and Mighty Morphin Power Ranger action figures (toy stores will receive the newest ranger items in July) are big sellers in any season. And merchandise from Disney's new hit movie "The Lion King" is sure to be a roaring success.

But this summer children and their parents are looking for and buying classic toys with flare.

"It's going more to basics this year - swimming pools and water guns - and getting away from the knickknacks," said Randy Rushton, director of Toys R Us in Murray.

Here's a list of the Deseret News' picks of top selling, summer toys recommended by Gregory's Toys and Adventures on Highland Drive, Toys R Us in Murray, Hammond's Toys in Cottonwood Mall, and area Kay-Bee Toy Stores (prices are approximate and may vary):

- Two styles of Super Soakers by Larami are the rage this summer. The XP 75, $13, squirts up to 50 feet and has one reservoir bottle for extra water storage. Pump action makes for fast shooting. For the serious water gun enthusiast, there's the XP 50, $20, with three water storage bottles.

- The Koosh Woosh by OddzOn, $8, a flexible ring that's easy to throw and catch. It also bounces off surfaces, including water, which makes it perfect for pool fun.

- Gregory's store manager Rick Peramain says he can't keep the Koosh Vortex by OddzOn in stock. The foam football, $14, has a fin that helps it sail through the air in a perfect spiral. Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway threw a Vortex 100 yards - from one end of a football field to the other.

- Snapset pools helps kids beat the heat. An 8-foot-diameter pool that's 18 inches deep sells for $20. A 10-foot-diameter pool that's 20 inches deep sells for $40.

- The Yomega Yo-yo with a Brain by Yomega, $11. It has a clutch system that rolls the yo-yo back up the string automatically. Learning to yo-yo was never so easy.

There's also the Yomega Power Spin Yo-yo, $7, which sleeps (stays at the end of the string) three times longer than a regular yo-yo to make tricks easier to do.

- Foxtail by Klutz, $9, a soft leather ball with a multicolored nylon tail. The object is to catch the Foxtail by the tail.

- Jurassic Sand, by Salix Corp., $10 for a 50-pound bag. The naturally red sand, mined in southern Utah, is dirt and dust free. It's finer than most other sands. There's also a Jurassic Sculpting Sand that's perfect for carving sand castles and other creations.

- Splash Out by Galoob, $11, features a circular plastic cage that holds a water balloon. Pass the ball around like a hot potato before a timer expires and the water balloon explodes.

- The Scrambler by Estes, $13. Build the sport rocket, load an egg in the cargo bay and fire it off. The object is to try to get the rocket to land without breaking the egg.