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Granite Youth Symphony to perform in Florida

The 100-member Granite Youth Symphony will participate in the 21st Biennial World Conference of the International Society for Music Education July 18 and 19 in Tampa, Fla.The group will perform in Miami and Orlando prior to the conference.

In preparation for the tour, the symphony will present a free concert Wednesday, July 6, at 7 p.m. in the Granite High School auditorium, 3305 S. 500 East.

Richard Chatelain conducts, assisted by James W. Thompson, Cindy Petty and W. Evan Bateman. The Granite group has been in demand for performances across the country and has appeared in 23 states over the past few years.

Gov. Mike Leavitt has proclaimed the orchestra an official representative of Utah while in Florida. Many local businesses and individuals have contributed to the financial demands of the trip.