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Cottonwood Hospital-

BAUGH, Sheri and Aaron, Salt Lake City, boy.

BECKSTEAD, Amy and Hans Chris, South Jordan, boy.

BUHLMAN, Dawn and Jeffrey, Magna, girl.

DAVIS, Karen and Robert, Midvale, girl.

NORTON, Rebecca and David, Salt Lake City, girl.

OLSON, Patricia and Neil, Salt Lake City, girl.

ROGERS, Lisa and Steve, Salt Lake City, boy.

STEWART, Cara and Tom, Salt Lake City, boy.

WHITEMAN, Catherine and Chester, West Jordan, girl.

University Hospital-

ADAMS, Denise and Bryce, Spanish Fork, boy.

BADGER, Rebecca and Brenton, Provo, boy.

BOND, Brenda and Kenneth, Orem, boy.

BRADY, Julie and David, Nephi, girl.

BROWN, Darcy and Fredrick, Provo, girl.

BROWN, Peggy and Max, Provo, boy.

CANCILLA, Sheils and Mark, Orem, girl.

COOPER, April and Gary, Orem, girl.

DURBIN, Tracey and Shawn, Santaquin, girl.

FOWLER, Holly and Jeffrey, Orem, boy.

GENTRY, Jennifer and Geoffrey, Orem, girl.

GOVER, Wendy and John, Los Angeles, Calif., boy.

HAROLDSEN, Amy and Jason, Provo, girl.

HARRIS, Susan and Jeffrey, Orem, boy.

HOON, Myung, and LEE, Hwang Suk, Cheju, Korea, girl.

HOUGHTON, Nicole and James, Spanish Fork, boy.

HUNDLEY, Chalyse, Provo, boy.

JOYCE, Aura and Jeffrey, Provo, boy.

McMULLIN, Lisa and Colin, Orem, girl.

MERRILL, Julie and Adam, American Fork, girl.

MINER, Johanna and Sheldon, Orem, boy.

MOULTON, Julie and Mark, Provo, girl.

MUGERIAN, Charlynn and Paul, Provo, boy.

NELSON, Tracy and James, Nephi, boy.

PEREZ, Eblis and Julie, Provo, girl.

PINCKNEY, Whittney and Douglas, Orem, girl.

PORTER, Laura and Craig, Provo, boy.

POULSON, Rochele and Ted, Heber City, boy.

PROVOST, Deanna and David, Cedar Valley, girl.

SOL, Yan-Hawn and Song-Me, Provo, boy.

STIRLING, Janna and Jason, Provo, boy.

TAYLOR, Kimberly and Bryant, Provo, boy.

THOMAS, Suzette and Russell, Lake Shore, girl.

WILSON, Pamela and Bryant, Orem, girl.

YOUNG, Tammi and Ralph, Pleasant Grove, girl.