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Bonnie Erbe certainly has a different dream for American success than does Betsy Hart (editorial page, May 23).

Erbe speaks from the coffee-house mentality of the '60s where bashing the system that kept them in granola and pure cotton shirts was the order. Reading her summary there is not one mention of the liberal working or supporting traditional values. Rather she speaks of unearned and unwarranted "rights" of those who promote and practice the antithesis of a fundamentally sound, moral and productive society.It would be well to remind Erbe and company the windows of opportunity are still wide open in America in spite of those liberals who continually whine and want our system socialized. The doors of our schools are still unlocked and if the liberals will stop fault-finding and distorting the basics of learning, success, historical truth and morality, our learning institutions will serve both minority, majority and society abundantly well.

Liberals must realize that irresponsible, out-of-wedlock sex and illegitimacy are intimately connected and that homosexuality is a national sickness and disgrace. No doubt liberals would do something about polio or tuberculosis but "endorse" the activities of the homosexuals who are the principle spreaders of deadly AIDS.

Where is the heart and self-professed superiority of feeling by liberals who sanction and even promote the tearing apart of unborn children? Where is the compassion of the liberal that would cage a man in prison like an animal for the rest of his life? Liberals had best practice the charity they preach.

It is not the conservative that has the tolerance for oppression for themselves or for others. It is the liberal who promotes endless rules, more laws and more enforcement through the smothering arms of government. In spite of their professed agenda, liberals love force.

Lance Turner