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The San Francisco Giants are promising to do whatever it takes to regain the National League West lead from the Dodgers.

"I'm not going to sit back and idly watch this club, with all this talent, fall six or seven games back," Giants general manager Bob Quinn told the San Francisco Examiner this week after the Giants fell four games behind the Dodgers. "I'm not going to sit and watch Rome burn."Whatever it takes might include adding a power-hitting outfielder for the stretch run come August. A guy who could add the most ironic twist of all to a division race he had planned this spring to play a big part in.

A guy named Darryl Strawberry.

After his club lost 10 of 14 games to fall four behind, Quinn began making noise that changes were coming. He began by calling up first baseman J.R. Phillips from Phoenix, but also mentioned the possibility of Strawberry, if the ex-Dodger was interested.

"I think the whole situation is dependent on if Darryl Strawberry is going to play baseball in 1994," Quinn told the San Francisco Examiner. "If that is the case, we would at least like to sit down and discuss the matter."

It's hard to imagine a more pressure-filled situation for Strawberry to put himself in than donning a Giants jersey during a heated pennant race against the hometown team he betrayed. But it also would have the advantages of keeping Strawberry in the league he is familiar with and putting him under the direction of Giants manager Dusty Baker, a longtime friend of the Strawberry family who would seemingly have a better handle on him than Tom Lasorda did.

"It's something to look into," Baker said. "It'd definitely be worth it. A lot of people are going to have interest in Strawberry. It depends on if Darryl has his life together."

The Giants could surely use an offensive booster shot. In a four-loss stretch last week against Florida and Atlanta, San Francisco stranded 46 baserunners.