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REJECTION: Mexicans are angrily rejecting a government claim that a single gunman was responsible for the assassination of presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio. The announcement by special prosecutor Miguel Montes Garcia that there was no wider conspiracy - contradicting what he said earlier - stirred protests nationwide.LAUNCH: Ignoring opposition from the United States, India successfully test-fired a ballistic missile on Saturday that can hit targets in neighboring Pakistan and China. The 26-foot Prithvi missile, which has a range of 155 miles, streaked into the sky above the Bay of Bengal from a firing range on India's eastern coast. It was launched from Chandipur, 775 miles southeast of New Delhi.

BLAST: The Irish Republican Army claimed responsibility for a car bomb explosion Saturday in a loyalist area of Portadown in Northern Ireland that slightly injured the vehicle's owner. The Royal Ulster Constabulary said the explosion occurred at about 11:30 a.m. local time Saturday in the Brownstown area of Portadown, 30 miles southwest of Belfast, shortly after police were called to investigate a report of suspicious people in the area.

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SMOKING GUN: A murder suspect's smoking habit became his downfall. DNA tests matched saliva on one of his cigarette butts with semen from the crime scene. Willie L. Irving Jr., 30, pleaded guilty Friday to charges of capital murder and rape. He had been scheduled to stand trial Monday in Chesapeake, Va. Irving puffed on a cigarette while telling police he didn't rape and strangle a woman in her apartment in September. Police later arrested him after taking a cigarette butt he discarded during police questioning and running genetic tests on it, along with fluid taken from the victim's body.

DIVORCE: Blaming irreconcilable differences after 24 years of marriage, the wife of former Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl F. Gates has filed for divorce. Sima L. Gates filed divorce papers in Orange County Superior Court on May 5, four days before a federal judge dropped her husband from Rodney King's lawsuit seeking millions of dollars in damages for his 1991 beating by police.

FREAK ACCIDENT: A small truck in Ozark, Ala., careened off a rural highway into a house and overturned, killing a woman sitting on her sofa watching television. Annice Bright, 60, was crushed under bricks and smashed furniture late Friday when the truck driven by Michael Lee Johnson crashed into her living room, the coroner said. Bright's grandchild was treated for minor injuries, as was Johnson, 19. Johnson was charged with murder and drunken driving, state Trooper Charles Ward said.